Making Sense of Inflammation

Board of Directors

The Kypha board of directors have been selected to provide leadership, industry experience, expertise and guidance to the company.  Each board member has an established track record in their own industry as well as been involved in the leadership and ownership life cycle of start-up companies.

Jonathon Sackier, MD

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Sackier trained as a surgeon in the United Kingdom and developed and brought to market a number of healthcare innovations. He consults to health care companies, sits on several corporate and scientific advisory boards and is a visiting professor at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences.

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David Smoller, PhD


Chief Business Officer and Board member – Horizon Discovery

Former Chief Executive Officer – SAGE Labs

Former President Biotech/Research – Sigma Aldrich

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Chad Stiening, PhD

Director, CEO/Founder of Kypha

Co-Founder of Kypha and the driving force behind the team’s innovative approach to the next big thing in inflammation diagnostics. A visionary leader with a passion for entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, and a strong track record for attracting resources, advisors, and a talented team to propel Kypha forward in the inflammation diagnostics marketplace.

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Paul Olson, PhD

Director, CSO/Founder of Kypha

Co-Founder of Kypha with over 20 years of work in immunology, drug development, and lead inventor of the Kypha Comp Act product platform. As an expert in the complement field, he has a unique understanding of the potential benefits for diagnosing and treating inflammation in a variety of indications.

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Peter Reinecke


Manager, Arsenal Capital Management, LLC

Founded his own financial planning practice in 1995

Andrew T. Hoyne

Legal Advisor

Andrew practices business and corporate law focused upon the representation of life sciences and other technology-based companies. His clients include/have included multi-billion dollar corporations, Big Ten universities, emerging companies and investors. Andy’s life science practice includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, research services, chemical and biochemical products, agriculture, and bio-energy clients.

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